Install Ready Kitchens Tweed Heads

Install Ready Kitchens Tweed Heads Need a new custom kitchen for your renovation within a couple of weeks? Ben’s Kitchens can supply an assembled custom new kitchen ready for installation by yourself or your own kitchen installer within 15-20 business days of plan approval. This is a great alternative to the kitchen flat pack option where you need to assemble before installation. Another advantage is you still get top quality high density particle board made in Australia and European hardware that are built to last. Each new kitchen is custom built to your individual space. Whether you are a builder on a tight time frame or someone wanting to undertake a DIY project that is manageable while making some savings, Ben’s Kitchens supply only custom kitchens could be the perfect solution for your new kitchen renovation.

Flat pack vs Install Ready Kitchens for your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation flat packs typically reduce shipping costs by having the components built, disassembled and then the buyer assembles the cabinets again at home. All of this means your time and energy in putting together a kitchen that has already been built once and useless money spent on extra shipping costs, not to mention the particleboard is often imported from China is very low-density which can run into all sorts of headaches if you need to re-drill or nail the cabinets. However as a locally based business why not have your kitchen built right here by qualified cabinet makers with quality products and quality finish while saving time and money. Not only do you save money on shipping costs but also valuable time and stress by removing the steps of disassembly and assembly of your kitchen cabinets. Supply only, install ready kitchens from Ben’s Kitchens are assembled and ready to install, this means less pieces to put together and easily a weekend installation project for the DIY kitchen enthusiast. Your built custom kitchen cabinets can be conveniently delivered to site or collected from our workshop at South Tweed Heads ready for installation to complete your kitchen renovation.

Quality of Flat Packs vs quality of Ben’s Kitchen’s Kitchen Renovation Install Ready

It is important to compare apples with apples when it comes to the cabinetry materials used in your kitchen renovation. Here at Ben’s Kitchens we only use Australian made high density particleboard not only for the doors and panels but also the internal carcass of your kitchen, using anything inferior can compromise the structural integrity of your kitchen foundation and lead to doors and drawers that don’t close properly in a short space of time after installation. 

Now let’s talk kitchen hardware, otherwise know as the mechanisms used to open and close doors and drawers. We source European made hardware which has been engineered to last and put through stringent testing to guarantee that they work considerably quietly. The level of functionality and noise coming your kitchen hardware certainly counts for noticeable quality. Not to mention advantageous for those early risers in the household preparing breakfast without having the worry of waking others. 

What about 2pac paint finish? Other flat pack kitchens can have a colour variance in doors and drawer fronts due to the painting process being performed at different times and in different batches. However, Ben’s Kitchens source local reputable tradespeople to paint our 2pac kitchens. These professionals are trained and qualified to deliver results second to none. Each seen piece of your new custom kitchen is painted at the same time and therefore provides a consistent colour throughout.  

So when all factors are taken into consideration what seems like a saving on the onset of your kitchen renovation may in the long run turn out to cost more. A supply built kitchen from Ben’s Kitchens for your next kitchen renovation is the perfect solution maintaining a quality finish while making savings without compromising.

How to get a free supply built quote from Ben’s Kitchens

Simply supply a plan of your kitchen renovation to for your free quote or book here to arrange an appointment and for a small service fee we can come to site to measure your kitchen. Upon approval of your project the paid service fee will be deducted.